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Neighborhood Spotlight: Glasser Coffee Co.

Residents of the Brighton, Mass., condos for sale at Stratus Residences have a wealth of ways to enjoy their cherished cup of joe in the morning — a percolator heating on their top-of-the-line Bosch stove, a French press, Chemex, pour over, AeroPress, Nespresso, and many others. Of course, there’s the matter of beans — dark, medium, or light roasted, coarse or finely ground, single-origin, and other matters of preference for the true coffee connoisseur. Even for those who view it just as an antioxidant-rich medium for caffeine, coffee is often associated with our favorite rituals. Sharing a moment with friends or taking a break with colleagues is an everyday pleasure, as is a meditative moment in the morning while waking up with a view of greenery and natural light streaming in from the oversized bedroom or living room windows at these new condos in Boston.

In recent years, Stratus residents have seen cafes open in Brighton, including Glasser Coffee Co., which have added to the area’s dynamic food and dining scene. Amidst uncertainty during the first months of the pandemic in mid-2020, owners and siblings Alex and Sarah Kim opened this chic cafe hoping to bring a bright new spot to coffee lovers in the neighborhood. Alex was no newcomer to the food and drink industry, with a food truck under his belt, as well as the celebrated Korean-Mexican fusion eatery Coreanos Allston, which he established with his family. Meanwhile, Sarah’s first job after college was in a coffee shop in Syracuse, N.Y. Snowy Syracuse is also home to Peaks Coffee Co., Glasser’s coffee sourcing partners, who procure small-batched and sustainably sourced coffee from producers with whom they’ve developed direct relationships.

Patrons can order ahead at this charming, plant-filled cafe, choosing from a menu that includes an array of matcha and chai latte options, espresso drinks, the ever-popular Vietnamese cold-brew coffee, noncaffeinated iced teas, and hot chocolate. And given the Kim family’s experience making some of the area’s most beloved tacos, it should come as no surprise that the breakfast tacos (and sandwiches) at Glasser are some of the most popular must-try items on their menu. Overnight oats and a host of flaky, buttery pastries round out their food offerings.

Wherever Stratus residents enjoy their next coffee, they can savor the ritual and the reward of this everyday pleasure — at home or close by in the Brighton neighborhood.


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