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Maker Hall: A Heavenly Amenity That’s Like No Other

At Stratus Residences in Brighton, Mass., there are myriad top-flight amenities for exercise, work, play, and just plain relaxing. One particularly unique space that residents have at their fingertips is Maker Hall, a stunning hub of fitness and leisure facilities set within the former St. Gabriel’s Church.

A Place to Take Your Breath Away

There really is no other condo amenity space like Maker Hall. Considerately and masterfully transformed, many of the features of the old church remain — from the neoclassical columns, to the embossed apse ceiling, to the stained glass windows that allow natural light to stream in. It really is something to behold. While this space is proud of its heritage, it has been tastefully redesigned for a contemporary audience, with gleaming white walls, glass partitions, and seating areas that are far comfier than the old pews. And just outside is the 12-acre campus, lined with landscaped paths, perfect for a sunset stroll.

A Place to Work

Though Stratus condos provide ample space for a home office, it’s good to switch things up now and again. Maker Hall has desk space for dozens, replete with stylish lamps, where you can fire up your laptop and dig into the day’s tasks. Got a call to make in confidence? The partitioned conference rooms are there for you. These spaces — and the lounge seating in the nave area — are just the place for face-to-faces when you have a client in town. This incredible venue certainly makes a strong first impression.

A Place to Work Out

Situated below the main floor of Maker Hall is a fitness center, kitted out with spin bikes, weights, state-of-the-art cardio equipment, and more. A stone’s throw from the new condos, it’s ideally placed for evenings when you want to wind down with a workout, and mornings when you’re getting pumped up for the day ahead. Well lit and ventilated, the fitness center is tucked away from the rest of Maker Hall, meaning you can focus on exercising without worrying about disturbing anyone.

A Place to Play

Maker Hall is something of a play palace for adults. Crash in the lounge area and watch a game on the huge TV wall. Shoot pool with your neighbors beneath the vaulted ceilings. And grab a beer from the cafe while you’re at it — there are a range of refreshments for sale. Or, simply recline in an armchair with a podcast on your headphones, and admire the unique beauty of Stratus Residences’ heavenly amenity space.

A heavenly amenity that's like no other
Interior of Maker Hall


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