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A Night Out at Fenway Park

Baseball is a uniquely American pastime, and Fenway Park is the home of a team that
has spawned a level of fandom that practically defines what it means to be from Boston.
Residents of the Brighton MA condos for sale at Stratus Residences can snag tickets
for home games this August when the Boston Red Sox play the Toronto Blue Jays and
the Tampa Bay Rays. They can also enjoy the celebratory atmosphere of events at
Fenway scheduled during away games, as well as pay the park a visit at other times to
take a tour or soak in the atmosphere — an atmosphere that pervades the physical
space of Fenway Park and seems to contain its history and excitement in the very air on
the field and in the stands.

Fenway Park and the Red Sox have spawned generations of passionate fans, like the
Farrelly brothers, the screenwriting and directing team who famously captured the thrill
of loving the Red Sox in their movie “Fever Pitch.” When interviewed about the film and
the magic of Fenway Park, Bobby Farrelly said, “I must say, there’s just something
about this park. Being here, it’s like life squared.”

It’s also a place that has been memorialized by Pulitzer Prize winner and
Massachusetts resident John Updike, whose opening lines of an essay he wrote in a
famous New Yorker piece from 1960 are inscribed on the walls of the team’s
headquarters. “Fenway Park, in Boston,” he wrote, “is a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark.
Everything is painted green and seems in curiously sharp focus, like the inside of an
old-fashioned peeping-type Easter egg. It was built in 1912 and rebuilt in 1934, and
offers, as do most Boston artifacts, a compromise between Man’s Euclidean
determinations and Nature’s beguiling irregularities.”

While it may have already been a Boston artifact in the 1960s, part of what makes the
park so special is how much it remains one of the beating hearts of the Boston
community — a place for Stratus residents to meet with friends and family for MLB
action and much more. Lansdowne, Jersey, and Van Ness streets all close down to increase the flow of pedestrian traffic and to support that feeling of conviviality and
game-day excitement among fans. Along Jersey Street you’ll find vendors hawking
sausages, hot dogs, and lobster rolls. Inside the stadium, there are dining options from
casual to fancy.

When the Sox are out of town, you can catch upcoming concerts at the park, including
major performers like Lady Gaga, Bill Burr, Aerosmith, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
More than just a stadium, Fenway is an iconic place that helps to shape the culture of
Boston, and connects residents of Stratus to what makes that culture so tempting to
memorialize in print, on the silver screen, and in the hearts of Boston residents, past
and future.

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